2012-14 Licensed Contract Settlement

The Jordan School District Board of Education and the Jordan Education Association (JEA) are pleased to announce they have reached a settlement agreement to end four months of contract negotiations.

From the start of negotiations on May 1, the Board offered its best contract terms, which were essentially what the JEA negotiations team accepted on September 13.  Under the new contract, licensed staff will receive an increase in compensation over two years.  The agreement includes steps and lanes the first year, with the contingency of further increases if legislative monies are made available the second year. The offer amounts to $4.2 million of additional salary and benefit costs for licensed employees.  Negotiated policies remain unchanged.  The Board did not propose altering these policies as part of their original contract offer to the JEA.

Contract Negotiation Timeline

  • May 1—Contract negotiations began.
  • June 22—After five meetings, the JEA declared an impasse.
  • Aug. 24—Federal mediation began at the request of the JEA.
  • Aug. 21—The Board settled contract negotiations with the Jordan Employee School Professional Association (Classified Employees).
  • Sept. 13—The Board and the JEA reached a tentative agreement after meetings and communications with the federal mediator.
  • Sept. 24—The Jordan Education Association ratified the agreement.
  • Sept. 25—The JSD Board of Education ratified the agreement at their regular board meeting.

Both sides employed the services of an outside professional to reach this settlement.  For many years, only the JEA used a non-district employee for their negotiations.  This is the Board’s first year using an outside professional.

On June 12, the Board adopted a fiscally responsible, balanced budget that does not require staff reductions or raising taxes, despite an uncertain economy.  The Jordan School District Board of Education looks forward to working collaboratively with all staff as together we continue to provide exceptional learning experiences for all of our students.