Board of Education Signed Resolution Opposing South Jordan City District Split

resolution_boardThe Jordan School District Board of Education is taking a strong and united stand in opposition to a potential district split. The South Jordan City Council is in the process of conducting a feasibility study looking into the idea of creating a separate school district within its own city boundaries.

On Tuesday, the seven-member Jordan School District Board of Education signed a resolution stating that such a split will be damaging to the educational quality for students and employees throughout the District. The resolution also states that a separate South Jordan City school district might create unintended consequences which could be avoided if the Jordan School District and South Jordan City Council work together to find solutions to individual problems.

In an effort to be proactive and communicate accurate information to patrons and taxpayers, the Board of Education will personally deliver the signed resolution to each mayor and city council member within the boundaries of the entire District. The complete resolution is available by clicking on the image.