We’re Pioneering Energy Conservation

Last week we told you about our Energy Dream Team and the huge strides they have made in just one year. They looked at the top 10 energy-using schools in the District, based upon energy used per square foot, and went to work.

The Team visited the schools, inspecting every room in the facility to understand what was happening in the building. They found simple things like air intakes blocked by bookshelves and boxes, to TV’s and electronics too close to thermostats causing the systems to work harder. Small changes, along with reprograming systems, maintenance and training for staff added up to big savings, while the costs were almost nothing. The numbers in the graph below tell the story.

The numbers in blue represent the amount of energy used per square foot at each of these schools in June 2014. The numbers in yellow are the new numbers from June 2015. Translated into dollars, the cost savings from the changes at these 10 schools totaled nearly $273,000.
Screenshot 2015-08-07 12.31.33