Students Enjoy Fun History Lesson Thanks to South Jordan City

DSCN4341It’s a fun history lesson for students who end up getting a beautiful hand-made American flag to boot, all thanks to the generosity of South Jordan City and the South Jordan Arts Council. Every single fifth-grader in the District will receive a mural mosaic sticker kit, an educational gift from South Jordan. The kit is basically ‘history in a flag’ because as students apply stickers to 50 spots on a paper canvas, they get a chronological snapshot of American history depicted on the stickers. They learn things like the year the first Thanksgiving was celebrated, when our first U.S. President was elected and when the Civil War was fought. The fifty stickers that come together to resemble an American flag represent historical moments that define our nation. We want to say thank you to South Jordan City for supporting education and helping our students learn history in such a fun way. A large version of the mosaic flag is on display at South Jordan City Hall. Enjoy a photo gallery of students at Eastlake Elementary creating their individual mosaic flags.