Rosamond and Rose Creek Students Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Fun Harvest of Learning

Students at Rose Creek Elementary participate in a Thanksgiving "feast"It was a harvest of fun and learning as students at Rosamond and Rose Creek Elementary took part in Thanksgiving-related activities as they head into the upcoming holiday recess.

Butter can be key to many Thanksgiving dinner recipes. So, second-graders in Susan Warnock’s classroom at Rosamond learned how to make butter. Using jars and popsicle sticks, students churned and made their own butter. It was a great lesson for the students to learn about the history of Thanksgiving and how the early settlers had to make their own food. Mrs. Warnock even dressed in Pilgrim garb, while students wore hats from the 1600’s.

At Rose Creek Elementary, all the first-grade classes were treated to a “feast” in Deborah Wood’s classroom. Learning about politeness and good manners, students snacked and had the chance to practice their best behaviors, as they get ready for Thanksgiving dinner and their holiday break.

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