JSD Bus Driver Recognized by KSL-TV for Kindness and Compassion

For 10 years Clair Skoubye has been warming the hearts of children in the District as a kind and caring school bus driver. Recently, he went above and beyond for one of the students on his route. Clair found out Izzy Slater, an 11-year-old in a wheelchair attending the Kauri Sue Hamilton school, was having a difficult time getting in and out of cars and on and off the bus because her family didn’t have a ramp. So, out of the kindness of his heart, Clair got to work and built one. It’s something he had never done before and he relied on what his father taught him many years ago. Local businesses cut costs on the supplies when they found out what Clair was doing. Izzy’s family said the gift of a lift/ramp made their holiday season and they couldn’t have been more grateful. They call Clair the #bestbusdriver. KSL-TV found out and honored Clair Skoubye with their High 5 award for doing something good in the community. Congratulations, Clair! You really are deserving of the title #bestbusdriver.

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