Space Shuttle Astronaut Encourages Bingham Students to Follow Their Dreams

Former Astronaut Mike Mullane Speaks to StudentsAs a young boy growing up in the southwest, Mike Mullane had big dreams, dreams that would eventually take him to the skies.

Today, the retired Air Force Colonel speaks around the country with a message of dreaming big and setting high goals. This message is what brought him to Bingham High School recently in an assembly that highlighted how he became an astronaut, what it is like to be in space and what attributes it takes for students to succeed.

After graduating high school, Mullane would find his way to West Point and the U.S. Military Academy. He served a distinguished Air Force career and in 1978 was accepted into NASA’s astronaut program as a Mission Specialist for the then upstart Space Shuttle program. Mullane has been to space three times aboard the shuttles Discovery and Atlantis and he has written several books about his experiences in life and as an astronaut.

Colonel Mullane was in town for a safety seminar at Rio Tinto as their keynote speaker. At Bingham High, he brought an inspiring and well-received message for student to do their best, be tenacious in all their pursuits, dream big but don’t be afraid to fail, take care of their physical fitness and make school their number one priority.

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