West Jordan High Class Sewing for Students with Special Needs

Sewing students with ponchosIt was a project that started with some big, caring hearts of Family and Consumer Science students at West Jordan High. They were asked to use their sewing skills to make warm, water resistant ponchos for special needs students at the Kauri Sue Hamilton School. Without hesitation, the students said yes and got to work. In a matter of weeks, the students created almost two-dozen bright, colorful ponchos for the special needs students to wear as they make their way on and off the bus every day. Kauri Sue principal Rita Bouillon thanked the sewing students for the beautiful ponchos, which she says will put a big smile on the face of every child who receives one. Congratulations to the West Jordan High students and their teacher, Lois Nielsen, on a job well done! Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.