Eastlake Students Get a Patriotic Surprise on First Day of School

Students receive desks from WWII vetsWhen 6th grade students at Eastlake Elementary showed up for the first day of school, they noticed something missing in their classrooms. There were no desks, not a single one in sight. There were no chairs either. When they asked their teachers where they would sit, the students were instructed to go to the gymnasium where they were greeted by a small group of military veterans. The veterans asked the students to line up, and one by one each student received a desk and a chair. The veterans told the students how lucky they were to have desks, chairs and a marvelous school to attend, in part, because of veterans who fought in WWII. The men also told students they should feel blessed because of all servicemen and woman who have sacrificed for the freedom of children to attend school, learn and express themselves.

The students responded to the veterans by singing “Thank You Military.”

Thanks to everyone for making this first day of school so meaningful and memorable for students.

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