Energy Savings Add Up!

Every day a team of three energy experts travels from school to school and building to building throughout Jordan School District looking for efficiencies in water, power and gas usage.  And every day their hard work is paying off in a big way for taxpayers.

From July 2015 through April, 2016 the team identified:

  • A total of $787,399 in energy savings District wide
  • In addition, we received utility incentives totaling $170,821
  • That amounts to an overall savings to our taxpayers of $958,220

To get an idea of how much energy we are saving, take a look!

How Much Energy is Jordan District Saving?

Process Begins to Establish Boundaries for New Elementary Schools

New Creekside Elementary SchoolTwo new elementary schools are opening in the fall of 2017, one in Herriman and another in South Jordan

At the direction of the Jordan School District Board of Education, new boundaries are now being considered for the new schools. This necessitates potential boundary changes involving Butterfield Canyon, Daybreak, Eastlake, Herriman, Midas Creek, Silver Crest and Welby Elementary Schools.

Boundary changes are also being considered for Hayden Peak and Fox Hollow Elementary Schools, which would allow Fox Hollow to move to a traditional calendar.

Parents impacted by the potential boundary changes should have received information about the options. They are also encouraged to take our survey, which gives patrons the opportunity to provide feedback regarding boundary options before they are finalized.

For details about the boundary change process, options and to take the survey visit

Open Enrollment Info for 2017-18

Per Utah State Law  53A-2-207:

Open enrollment begins on December 1, 2016 and goes through Friday, February 17, 2017. Any individual interested in completing a permit for the 2017-18 school year may obtain a permit from the school they wish to attend and begin turning them in on Thursday, December 1, 2016, to the desired school.

Permit approval is on a first-come/first served basis. The school shall notify any permit applicant within six weeks after receipt of the application by the district or by March 31, whichever is later, for applications submitted during the early enrollment period.

How We Pay for Operations & Maintenance of New Schools

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.44.51 PMThe proposed $245 million bond calls for building six news schools. Some patrons have been asking how much more they will pay for staffing and operations if the new schools are built. Here is the answer.

Typically, growth in the community brings in enough new tax revenue to finance the operations and maintenance of a school, just not enough for us to build new schools. When we see additional students and a broader tax base, additional funding becomes available from the state and the tax base. The funds associated with those increases are used to keep our schools running, but again, it’s not enough money for new school construction. That is why we are bonding and turning to taxpayers for help.

For more information about the proposed bond, visit

You can also call our bond hotline with questions at 801-567-8705.

What is a Bond?

Solutions and ImpactsA bond is a type of low interest loan school districts use to pay for new school construction. It’s very similar to a home loan or mortgage, but for school buildings. Just like homeowners, the District borrows money and makes monthly payments typically over a 20- year period or until the loan is paid off. Bonding requires the approval of taxpayers through an election.

This is the least costly option for taxpayers to build school buildings. Tax payments for a bond typically go down each year as bond debt is paid off. Again, bonding is the best option for taxpayers because it offers the lowest interest rates. We could use traditional funding, but it has higher interest rates. This means a tax increase would be required to pay for the higher rates. Taxes would then go up but not come back down like they do when bond debt is paid off.

To learn more about the proposed bond visit our website at