Fun Fact Friday: Cost Per Student VS. Graduation Rates

Graduation rates are in for the 2016-17 school year and they continue to rise in Jordan School District. The graduation rate is now 87.2% up from 86.7% last year.

When you compare the cost per student versus the graduation rate, you can see Jordan has the lowest expenditures per pupil and one of the highest graduation rates among districts along the Wasatch Front.

The chart below shows the numbers compiled by the Utah Taxpayers Association and the Utah State Board of Education.

Expenditures per Pupil vs. Graduation Rate

Fun Fact Friday: New School Construction Update

Thanks to mild weather conditions, new school construction in Jordan School District is progressing on time and on schedule.

Here is an update on the progress:

  • New High School in Herriman
    • Steel framing is well underway
    • Outside walls are up
    • Work is beginning on the running track in the gymnasium
    • Work continues on plumbing and electrical
    • Roads leading to the school are rough graded
  • New Middle School in South Jordan
    • Crews are beginning work on the second story of the school
    • Crews are framing walls on the first floor of the school
  • Rebuild of West Jordan Middle School
    • Steel framing is well underway
    • Masonry is being laid around the gymnasium
    • Work is beginning on the second floor of the school

 All three schools are scheduled to open in the 2019-20 school year.

Enjoy a photo gallery of the progress at each school.

Fun Fact Friday: Read A Book With The Board of Education

"In Praise of American Educators" Book CoverYou might not know this fun fact, but members of the Jordan School District Board of Education read a book together on a regular basis and they would like to invite you to read along.

The ‘Board Book of the Quarter’ is an effort to further the Board’s goal of student achievement and professional development. As part of that effort, members of the  Board each select a ‘Board Book of the Quarter.’ All members are asked to read this book and during each study session, 15 minutes is set aside to discuss the merits of the book with the discussion led by the Board member who recommended the book.

Right now the Board is reading, ‘In Praise of American Educators’ by Dr. Richard DuFour. This book debunks many myths of ‘failure’ in U.S. schools while exploring positive improvements that will make public schools even better.

Again, you are invited to join the Board in reading ‘In Praise of American Educators.’

For the latest info on what the Board is reading, check out our Board Book of the Quarter page.

FUN FACT FRIDAY: Winter Weather Procedures and Guidelines

Weather iconAs we head into the winter weather season, we’d like to remind everyone about District procedures and guidelines regarding snow closures or delays.

  • Schools in Jordan School District will remain open, if at all possible, on all scheduled school days, even in winter weather conditions.
  • You will only be notified if there is a delayed start or if school is closed or cancelled. No notification means school is open.
  • School closure or delayed start information will always be posted no later than 6:30 a.m. on the Jordan School District website at, through social media, and local news outlets.
  • Please know that parents may decide to keep children home due to adverse weather conditions. Schools understand and respect this decision and will work with families.

Full Emergency Communications & Snow Closure Guidelines can be found at