Dual Language Immersion Specialist Invited to Teach Workshop in China

Picture of Laticia ThomasLeticia Thomas has earned admiration and respect from teachers and parents for her hard work as a teacher specialist in the Chinese Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program. Now, this talented and compassionate JSD educator is headed to China to share her knowledge and expertise about the American education system and to help train teachers in China who are interested in becoming Chinese Dual Immersion program teachers in the United States. The invitation came in part, from the Chinese Ministry of Education, after word spread about Mrs. Thomas and her unrelenting personal and professional support of Chinese DLI teachers working in the Jordan School District. Mrs. Thomas has been known to help Chinese DLI teachers find safe homes, transportation and has aided in getting them to dentist and doctor appointments, explaining how medical insurance works. Westvale Elementary School Principal, Brenda Anderson will also be a part of the workshop, helping to educate the Chinese teachers about the U.S. education system works.

We are very proud of these distinguished educators for sharing their knowledge and expertise with teachers around the world.

Talented JSD Teacher Specialist Receives Prestigious Award

Picture of Karen NugentCo-workers describe her as a dedicated educator who has had a long career of nurturing high-ability students providing opportunities for them to grow and shine. Now, Gifted and Talented teacher specialist, Karen Nugent is being recognized as one of the best in her field. Mrs. Nugent was recently awarded the Calvin W. Taylor Educator Award from the Utah Association of Gifted Children (UAGC). The award is designed to recognize an exemplary Utah educator of gifted and talented youth who greatly impacts the lives of their students. Karen Nugent has devoted 46 years of her life to providing the best education possible for students and she will retire at the end of June. Thank you, Karen. Jordan District is proud of your accomplishments and your dedication to education!

New Administrative Assignments Announced

  • Tiffany Smith has been appointed assistant principal at Heartland Elementary School
  • Rufine Einzinger has been appointed assistant principal at Copper Hills High School
  • Stewart Hudnall has been appointed assistant principal at Herriman High School
  • Kristie Howe has been appointed assistant principal at Eastlake Elementary School

A Letter from the Superintendent

Dear Collaborative Colleagues,

As the 2016-17 school year comes to a close for many of JSD’s employees, it gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the accomplishments we have come to experience together. This year we all worked together to ensure success of the first bond passed since 2003! Each day we see and feel the impact of this herculean effort as buildings are being planned, designed and built. Additionally, we hear and see evidence of the many wonderful people within the Jordan School District that give their all to focus on the mission of our school district.

Diplomas IconThank you for the exceptional work you do as we unite as a team for our young people throughout our district. I consider myself extremely blessed to be engaged in this noble work with you. We should all be celebrating the successes and graduation of JSD’s Classes of 2017! Our seniors are the products of great teamwork! Moreover, much gratitude and appreciation is extended to:

Our inspiring teachers and counselors that go the extra mile to make certain they are well trained, thoughtfully prepared, and constantly engaging so their students are provided only the best learning experiences.

Our awesome army of conscientious classified employees who are dedicated to and focused on their work accomplishing a plethora of behind the scenes but essential tasks in support of school instruction and our young people.

Our visionary administrators who constantly collaborate to ensure that we are continually monitoring, adjusting and improving in order to elevate our organization.

Our Board of Education as they diligently deliberate, establish goals and provide direction for the education of all students within our district.

Thank you for working together with me toward a much nobler purpose than ourselves. Thank you for keeping “every child, every day” at the forefront of the work we do each day and for working for the greater good—our collective future.

With my warmest regards and deepest appreciation,

Patrice A. Johnson, Ed. D.
Superintendent of Schools

District Administrators Win The Amazing Race (JPAS Edition)

Picture of JPAS Amazing Race winnersIt was a competition like no other for some District administrators as they vied to make it to the finish line first in The Amazing Race, JPAS Edition. It was a fun game fashioned after the popular reality show where contestants race around the world in a competition of intense physical and mental challenges. District administrators were divided into teams and presented with a variety of challenges connected to JPAS. Each time a team completed a challenge, they earned points and were sent to a new location in the world on a map displayed in the JES Department. The idea was to incentivize and encourage administrators to complete JPAS evaluations, show appreciation for their work and have some fun in the process. The winners were invited to an Amazing Race luncheon where they were recognized for their efforts and JPAS success. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.