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  • Director: Cheryl Matson
    Phone: 801-567-8285 | E-mail:
 Name   Phone Position Assignment
Kathryn Brinton 801-567-8255 Administrative Assistant T-Z (Retirees)
Jeanne Ince 801-567-8341 Administrative Assistant H-S
Tammy Iddings 801-567-8146 Administrative Assistant A-G
Angela Ross 801-567-8277 Assistant
Fax: 801-567-8070

Insurance Information for New Employees:

  1. Review insurance information and benefit election forms listed below.
  2. You will receive insurance coverage if a completed Benefit Election form is received in the District Insurance Office within 30 days of your contract start date. If you miss this deadline, you will have to wait until the next Open Enrollment period to enroll in an insurance plan unless you have a qualifying event during the year.
  3. Flexible spending election forms are also due in the District Insurance Office within 30 days of your contract start date.
  4. Insurance coverage will be effective on the first day of the month following your employment start date, provided enrollment forms are completed and filed in the District Insurance Office within 30 days of the employment start date, effective January 1, 2016.
  5. A life insurance and a long-term disability policy is offered to all benefit eligible employees at no cost to you. Even if it is your intent to waive medical insurance coverage, complete the Benefit Election form for these benefits.
  6. Once enrolled in the medical, dental, vision, and AFLAC plans, you must remain on that plan for the benefit year unless you have a qualifying event. When you have a qualifying event you have 30 days to complete and return a new change form or you will have to wait until the next Open Enrollment period.
    • Divorce or legal separation (60 day notification);
    • Marriage, or change in number of dependents;
    • Change in employment status of employee, spouse, or dependent that causes loss of eligibility;
    • Dependent satisfies (or ceases to satisfy) eligibility requirements (60 day notification);
    • Change in coverage under another employer plan (including mandatory or optional change from your spouse’s employer and change initiated by your spouse);
    • Loss of coverage from government or educational institution;
    • COBRA qualifying event (termination/reduction of hours, employee death, divorce/legal separation, ceasing to be a dependent);
    • Other changes resulting from a judgment, decree, or order; Medicare or Medicaid entitlement; or FMLA leave of absence.

Insurance Open Enrollment:
June and July, effective date of September 1

The following changes can be made during the open enrollment period:

  1. Enroll in a new insurance plan
  2. Change an existing service plan
  3. Cancel an existing service plan
  4. Complete a new flexible spending form
    (A new flexible spending election form must be turned in each year you wish to participate in this program per IRS guidelines.)

Note: Open enrollment forms and flexible spending elections will not be accepted during the months of August or September, unless you are a newly hired employee and your contract begins in August or September.

Please call Insurance Services at 801-567-8146 with any questions.

Insurance Documents Type
2016-17 Employee Letter – Insurance Update PDF
2016-17 Insurance Presentation Video Link
2016-17 Insurance Presentation Slideshow PowerPoint PPTX
Frequently Asked Insurance Questions or Inquiries PDF
Frequently Asked Questions for New Employees PDF
Benefit Summary and Master Policy Type
2016-17 Benefit Summary and Master Policy PDF
Enrollment Guide Type
2016-17 Enrollment Guide PDF
Enrollment Forms Type
2016-17 New Hire Benefit Election Form PDF
2016-17 Benefit Change Form PDF
Flexible Spending Election PDF
HSA Direct Deposit Authorization PDF
Premiums Type
2016-17 Medical Premiums PDF
2016-17 Dental & Vision Premiums PDF
Voluntary Benefits Type
Dental: Dental Select PDF
Dental: EMI PDF
Dental: TDA PDF
Vision: Opticare PDF
AFLAC Benefits PDF
Life and Disability Policy/Certificate Type
Cigna – Life, Identity Theft, Will Prep PDF
Cigna – Secure Travel PDF
(Policy) Life Insurance – Active Employee PDF
(Policy) Accidental Death and Dismemberment – Active Employee PDF
(Policy) Long Term Disability – Active Employees PDF
Life and Disability Applications Type
Cigna Life Application PDF
Cigna Application – AD&D Conversion PDF
Cigna Application – Life Insurance Continuation PDF
Cigna Application – Life Insurance Conversion PDF
Cigna Application – Dependent Child Insurance Continuation PDF
Cigna Application – Voluntary Life Insurance PDF
Other Documents Type
Authorization for Release of Information PDF
PEHP Flex Spending Reimbursement Form PDF
Prescription COB Reimbursement PDF
Notices Type
Jordan School District’s Privacy Policy and Practice PDF
2016-17 Medicare D Creditable Coverage PDF
Exchange Notice PDF
Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms PDF
2016-17 Summary of Benefits & Coverage – Advantage/Summit Traditional PDF
2016-17 Summary of Benefits & Coverage – Advantage/Summit Value PDF
2016-17 Summary of Benefits & Coverage – Advantage-Summit Star QHDHP PDF
Workers Compensation PDF

Insurance Providers

Blomquist Hale
Dental Select
Educators Mutual
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