The Payroll Office directs the distribution of salaries and payments for payroll-associated costs such as federal income tax withholding, social security, retirement and insurance benefits, etc.

Director: Sarah Palmer
Phone: 801-567-8154 | Fax: 801-567-8066

 Name Phone Position
Elma Scheid 801-567-8154 Administrative Assistant
Joy MacKay 801-567-8211 Retirement Specialist/Assistant
Pauli Young 801-567-8156 Payroll Lead
Carolyn Bevan 801-567-8207 Area Clerk
Mauna Young 801-567-8209 Area Clerk
Keelee Leulaui 801-567-8210 Area Clerk
Evelyn Lloyd 801-567-8106 Assistant

Important Documents
The following forms have been placed on this Web site for your convenience. You will need to print them, fill them out, and return them to the Payroll Office.

2013-14 Payroll Dates
Important Payroll Dates PDF
2013-14 True Time Calendars
District Office/Auxiliary Services (242 Days) PDF
Part Time Clerical (206 Days) PDF
Secondary (178 Days) PDF
Traditional Elementary (178 Days) PDF
Year Round Elementary (233 Days) PDF
Hall Monitors (178 Days) PDF
Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit Guidelines PDF
Direct Deposit -Employee Access Instructions PDF
Deduction Cancellation PDF
Employee Instructions for Time Off PDF
IRS W-4 Form PDF
Leave Day Equivalent Examples XLS
Leave Day Equivalent Form XLS
Loaded Salary Worksheet XLS
Move Money Form PDF
Payroll Guidelines PDF
Recording Leave Days on Skyward PDF
Timesheet Payment by School (Program 9800) XLS
High School After-Hour Activities PDF
Leave Time Clarification PDF
Sick Leave Allowances PDF
Teacher Transfer from Year Round to Traditional PDF
Recording Leave Days Guidelines PDF
Inservice Rate PDF
School Assignments PDF
Payroll Budgets – Timesheets PDF
Utah Retirement Systems Hyperlink
W-4 Questions/Changes Hyperlink
Social Security Administration Hyperlink
Principal Payroll Sheet
Principal Payroll Sheet Guidelines PDF
Tax Sheltered Annuities
Change of Tax Sheltered Annuity Deduction – 403 (b) only PDF
Tax Shelter Annuity Companies PDF
Tax Sheltered Annuity Notice – 401 (k), 403 (b), 457 PDF
Signing of Timesheets Guidelines PDF
Timesheet Guidelines PDF
Timesheet Form PDF
Timesheet Form XLS
Timesheet for Overtime – Weekly XLS
Timesheet for Overtime – Monthly XLS