Prevention Training for Staff

School and District staff participate in regular student safety training, including the following:

Safe Schools Expert
— Bert Simmons, based in San Diego, is a nationally recognized expert in safe schools issues. He has been actively training JSD employees since 1994.

Utah Gang Conference
— Sponsored by the Salt Lake Metro Gang Task Force, this conference has been in place
since 1991. JSD has teachers, assistant principals, principals and District administrators attend each year. The training identifies:
• Gang signs
• Clothing
• Graffiti
• Strategies for establishing policies and procedures for the suppression of gang influences in schools.

Troubled Youth Conference
— A contingent of JSD staff (teachers, counselors and psychologists) have participated in this conference where national authorities present:
• New programs
• Research
• Intervention strategies for at-risk youth

Stopping School Violence Conference
— 10 administrators attended this 1998 conference which addressed the issues of school shootings.

NOVA Training
— The National Office of Victims Assistance provided training regarding the response to schools and communities following a major crisis.

• The JSD Crisis Team, along with four school psychologists, attended.
• Also attending were representatives from local municipalities and hospitals.

Conflict Mediation
— Video Training Series provided by the Attorney General’s Office to be shown to
parents and staff members.
• “Not My Kid”
• “Safe At Home”
• “Not This Kid”

Hall Monitor Training
— Three training sessions provide instruction and information on:
• Dispersing fights
• Managing large groups
• Parking lot procedures
• Effective communication
• School intruders

Bus Driver Training
— Training was held in response to the challenges presented by student behavior.
• Communication
• Diffusing Situations
• Stress Management
• Safety Regulations