Boundary Change for Butterfield Canyon, Daybreak, Eastlake, Herriman, Midas Creek, Silver Crest, and Welby Elementary Schools to Establish Boundaries for for Basitan Elementary in Herriman and Golden Fields Elementary in South Jordan

On Jan. 24, 2017, the Board of Education voted to adopt boundary Option C, with minor adjustments for Herriman and Butterfield Canyon Elementary. The Board also voted to move Daybreak, Eastlake, Midas Creek, Silver Crest, and Welby to a traditional calendar starting with the 2017-18 school year.for Basitan Elementary in Herriman and Golden Fields Elementary in South Jordan will open on a traditional calendar this fall.

Current Boundaries

  • Current Boundaries
    Expanded Online Map
  • Current Enrollment:
    Butterfield: 962
    Daybreak: 1,012
    Eastlake: 1,232
    Herriman: 812
    Midas Creek: 849
    Silver Crest: 911
    Welby: 1,059
  • School Calendar:
    Daybreak, Eastlake, Midas Creek, Silver Crest, Welby – Year-round
    All other schools – Traditional
  • PermitsCurrently unavailable at most schools

Option C (Modified)

  • Option C Modified
    Expanded Online Map
  • 2017 Proj. Enrollment/Growth:
    Butterfield: 988 – High
    Daybreak: 800 – Mod.
    Eastlake: 952 – Low
    Herriman: 751 – High
    Midas Creek: 848 – Mod
    Bastian: 700 – High
    Golden Fields: 714 – High
    Silver Crest: 869 – Mod.
    Welby: 921 – Low
  • School Calendar:
    All Schools – Traditional
  • PermitsAvailable on limited basis with the exception of Dual Language Immersion students and their siblings

General Information

  • Q:  Why were boundary changes made for Butterfield Canyon, Daybreak, Eastlake, Herriman, Midas Creek, Silver Crest, and Welby elementary schools?
    A:  A boundary change was made because Basitan Elementary in Herriman and Golden Fields Elementary in South Jordan are opening in the fall of 2017.  Student enrollment is being distributed to fill these two new schools in addition to allowing schools near by to move from a year-round calendar to a traditional calendar.  These changes will help manage student growth and balance boundary student population at all schools involved.
  • Q:  What factors are considered in establishing boundaries?
    A:  Many factors are considered, including, but not limited to, feedback from parents, students, and the community; long-term implications; natural boundaries; Open Enrollment law; feasibility and functionality; student safety; cost; community partnerships; potential growth; and student enrollment numbers over time.
  • Q. Will students be able to permit to the school of their choice?
    A:  Under the Utah Open Enrollment law, schools are required to accept permits until they reach their building capacity. Because all schools on a year-round schedule or schools that have portable classrooms are considered beyond building capacity, permits will be accepted on a very limited basis.  Only students who are currently involved in dual immersion and siblings of students on permit will be considered. Permit applications are filled out at the local schools from December 1 to the third Friday in February.  Students who wish to apply for an Open Enrollment permit should contact the administration of the school for which a permit is being requested.
  • Q:  Who will qualify for busing under each boundary option?
      Now that new boundaries are established, the District’s Transportation Department will begin to establish busing routes for all schools involved.  The state of Utah requires that busing be provided for elementary school students who live 1.5 miles or more from school.  Busing eligibility for students who are not directly affected by a boundary change would remain the same.  Students on an Open Enrollment permit do not qualify for busing except through a space available permit (limited availability depending on location).  If you have any questions regarding busing eligibility, please feel free to contact Mike Anderson, Administrator of Schools, (801) 567-8167, Brad Sorensen, Administrator of Schools, (801) 567-8233, Anthony Godfrey, Administrator of Schools, (801) 567-8316, or Teri Timpson, Administrator of Schools, (801) 567-8342.
  • Q: How will this affect my Dual Language Immersion (DLI) student?
    A: All DLI students and their siblings will be allowed to remain at their current school.