Copper Hills Principal’s Pantry Helps Students & Families Struggling with Hunger

Stacks of cans at Copper Hills HighThe Copper Hills High community is caring. That is evident by the Principal’s Pantry at the school, which helps feed students throughout the school year that are struggling with hunger.

Filled with stacks of cans and boxes of food, the Principal’s Pantry also helps students who have every day hygiene needs, supplying families with basic items such as shampoo, soap and toothpaste.

“The need is here in our community. We are providing students with a warm, quiet, clean and private area for them to get things they may not have at their home,” said Milonie Taylor from Jordan School District’s Educational Support Services, who helps oversee the pantry at Copper Hills.

The pantry is located in a currently unused office at the high school and offers students and families of students with a discreet, quiet place to pick out and receive items they need.

DECA students assist in stocking the Principal’s Pantry through their ‘Please Feed The Bears’ fundraiser, as well as during the school year through the operation of Grizzly Grub and Grizzly Den, the school’s student run stores. During a fundraiser held last fall, the students helped generate about 5,000 pounds of food and hygiene items from the Copper Hills community to stock the Principal’s Pantry.

“We’re like a big family here at Copper Hills. And when someone is in need we want to help,” said Copper Hills senior Taylor Tanton.

Being good neighbors and caring for the community is what Copper Hills High instills in its students and we should all be grateful for their kind contributions to fellow students in need.