Pitching In to Protect the Earth

Conceptual Drawing of Water Wise GardenAs we look to celebrate Earth Day on Saturday, April 22, we’d like to share some fun environmental facts that are making a difference in protecting planet Earth.

Two years ago, JSD joined school districts around the country in using Peachjar as a way of electronically sending flyers, eliminating paper flyers going home. As a result the following has occurred.

  • Schools that use Peachjar have saved a collective 2.5 billion sheets of paper
  • Over the past year, JSD has saved 2,837,333 sheets of paper and 340 trees


Students in the landscape management program at JATC South are also doing their part to protect the Earth. They are helping to build a two-acre drought tolerant garden. This will be a water wise demonstration garden with an orchard, vegetable production, berry patch, rainwater harvesting and an amphitheater. As a result there will be significant water savings.

  • The drought tolerant garden will save approximately 1 million gallons of water a year compared to the same area if it were covered with grass.