Bluffdale Elementary Adopts Houston School Destroyed by Hurricane Harvey

Moore Elementary School in Houston, Texas was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey and 950 students, teachers and staff lost everything including all library books, computers and classrooms when the school filled with 3 feet of sewage water and the walls collapsed.

But one thing they didn’t lose was their faith in the kindness of total strangers. That is thanks, in part, to students at Bluffdale Elementary School who wanted to help. They went to work with bake sales and doing extra chores at home and in a matter of weeks raised over $2,800 to help Moore Elementary replace library books and technology lost in the hurricane.

And thanks to the hard work and effort on the part of Assistant Principal Tiffany Cooke, the entire student body at Bluffdale Elementary was able to talk to a 5th grade class from Moore Elementary via FaceTime, ask questions about Hurricane Harvey, what the children went through and the Bluffdale students were able to offer their love and support. In the end, students at both schools agreed to be pen pals and stay in touch, they found friends for life.

Congratulations Bluffdale Elementary on a job well done and for proving that little acts of kindness go a long way.

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