Cross Country Runner’s Act of Kindness Is a Winning Moment at State Championship

Sean carrying injured teammate, BlakeRiverton High School’s Sean Rausch may have sacrificed any chance at winning the Utah cross country state championship at Sugar House Park, but his selfless act of kindness is a winning moment in good sportsmanship. You see when Rausch noticed that his teammate, Blake Lewis, had suddenly collapsed about 400 meters from the finish line, he rushed to his friend’s side. Sean saw the pain Blake was in and without hesitation, picked Blake up, onto his shoulders and carried his injured teammate to the edge of the finish line and then helped him across. It was a true act of kindness for Sean, a senior at Riverton High who was disqualified from the race, along with Blake, for breaking a rule that says you can’t touch another player during a meet.

Our best to Blake in his recovery from a broken tibia and thank you to Sean Rausch for demonstrating winning ways of a different sort at the meet.