Tax Notices Explained

Picture of tax noticeYour property tax notice should have arrived in the mail and Jordan School District would like to explain each of the District’s tax lines and how the money is used.

The assessed value of your property and the certified tax rate determines how much a taxpayer pays in property taxes. The County Assessor determines the assessed value, while the tax rate is based on State law.

Your property tax notice includes one line for Jordan School District, one line for State general school funding and one line for some of the charter school funding. The lines are explained below.

  1. Jordan School District .004685 – This line on your tax notice pays for teacher compensation, busing services, utilities, school office and custodial staff, bond payments and facility maintenance.
  2. State Basic School Levy .001568 – These funds are essentially sent to the State to fund the State per pupil allocation (WPU), additional Charter School Local Replacement Funding and other state programs. The state legislature sets this tax line and every taxpayer in the state pays this same tax rate.
  3. Utah Charter School – Jordan .000171 – Charter schools receive a state funding line called Local Replacement Funds. School districts are required to pay a small portion toward these funds, the rest comes from state revenue sources such as the State Basic School Levy and income taxes. This amount represents Jordan’s contribution (almost $3.2 million) toward this charter school funding line item. Charter school funding is unique with different calculations, sources and line items. Therefore, this line is not comparable to property taxes paid to Jordan School District.