Copper Hills High Teacher Proves the ‘Gift of Giving’ Knows No Boundaries

Teachers and students pose with new coatsIt is a story of generosity that started out with Copper Hills High teacher and bride-to-be Rickee Stewart asking wedding guests to use her bridal registry as a way to donate to students in need rather than buying her wedding gifts. Her story has touched people around the world who have donated to the cause, mostly contributing in the form of coats for needy students.

So far 1,800 new coats have warmed the hearts and taken care of students throughout Jordan School District.

Realizing there was a need in neighboring Granite School District, Ms. Stewart decided to share the most recent Burlington Stores donation of 1,000 new coats with students at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. With the help of 25 Copper Hills High students and Santa, the coats were delivered, sorted by size and every student at the school received a new coat.

It was an act of kindness that brought many teachers to tears and had students smiling in disbelief over the generosity fueled by an amazing educator in neighboring Jordan School District.

Because of Rickee Stewart’s work, the winter season will be much warmer for students in Jordan and Granite School Districts, because of the new coats and knowing someone cares.

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