Heartland Ambassadors Proudly Serve Veterans Who Serve U.S.

Students having breakfast with military men and womenWhen a group of school Ambassadors at Heartland Elementary decided they wanted to do something to honor service men and women for Veterans Day, they came up with a service project called “Serving Those Who Serve U.S. (Everyday Heroes).”

Then the Ambassadors invited local veterans, police officers, firefighters and EMT’s to Heartland for a very special breakfast. The student Ambassadors served the men and women a delicious breakfast and showed them a PowerPoint presentation on how students believe they make a difference every day in our communities and our country. After that, everyone was given a tour of the school and the honored guests received homemade cards and were saluted for their service.

Great job, Heartland Ambassadors, for taking the time to honor the people who protect and serve and sacrifice their lives for our safety and freedoms.

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