West Jordan Middle School 8th Graders Participate in ‘We The People’ Event

We The People Event at West Jordan MiddleWest Jordan Middle School 8th graders recently participated in the nationwide ‘We The People’ event, which spotlights Constitutional history, law and civics. The event combines knowledge of the Constitution, while defending their beliefs, rights and roles as U.S. citizens.

Adult members of the community volunteered to judge students, with each class working in cooperative teams to present statements before the panel. During the event, students participated in a simulated congressional hearing. The community members acted as congressional committee members, listening to the students and asking questions.

Each team was assigned a specific topic and question to answer. Students presented on their topic, and then answered follow-up questions by the volunteer panelists. Students were scored on their presentation skills, research and preparedness.

The group from West Jordan Middle with the highest score will be invited to the state ‘We The People’ finals, which will be held in February at the Utah State Law and Justice Center.

Congratulations to the students for their hard work on this project! Enjoy a photo gallery on Facebook.