Fox Hollow Students Learn That There Is ‘Only One You’

Painted rocks at Fox HollowOne person can make the world a better place and we can all learn from past generations. These are the powerful messages behind the book, ‘Only One You’, by Linda Krantz.

In the book, a rockfish named Adri learns valuable lessons about life from his parents, as he goes about exploring the world.

As a part of their professional development, Fox Hollow Elementary School educators read the book earlier in the school year. Teachers then shared the wonderful themes of cherishing memories and embracing life lessons with the students at the school.

For the students at Fox Hollow, the message has been carried out throughout the year, across a project using lessons learned from the book. The students painted rocks in unique and colorful ways. The rocks are now on display in the lobby of the school, celebrating the uniqueness we all exhibit.

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