Daybreak Elementary School Wins National “Kindness Challenge”

Daybreak Elementary students performingIt was a nationwide competition to foster and celebrate kindness in schools around the country and Daybreak Elementary was all in. Students and staff decided the “Middle School Kindness Challenge” was an opportunity to do something positive, spread acts of kindness throughout the school and possibly prevent problems from ever happening.

For two months, 5th and 6th grade students tried to set the tone for the entire school by surprising classroom after classroom with acts of kindness and asking fellow students to pay it forward. They would drop off gift bags and do other random acts of kindness aimed at promoting a welcoming environment at Daybreak. The efforts paid off in a big way. The school won the “Middle School Kindness Challenge” and Daybreak was awarded a $500.00 cash prize from the non-profit Stand for Children.

Principal Kristy Whiteside says the “Kindness Challenge” has already made a big difference in creating more positive attitudes and positive interactions at Daybreak.

The entire student body learned to sing an anti-bullying song about stopping bad behavior, reminding everyone – If You See Something, Say Something.

Here is the song. Take a look.