Kauri Sue Hamilton Student Receives Surprise Gift of A Canine Companion named “Mr. Blue”

Picture of Kemry With Mr. BlueThere is no doubt Riverton resident Tammy Hansen has a very big heart. When she realized how many students at the Kauri Sue Hamilton School could benefit from the companionship of a puppy, she decided to do something about it. Ms. Hansen decided to surprise a student at Kauri Sue with the gift of a puppy named “Mr. Blue.” Kemry Smith is the student who was chosen to receive the puppy. Ms. Hansen raises AKC purebred English Cream Golden Retrievers and she hopes the cute canine will bring emotional support for 14-year-old Kemry and her family, along with providing unconditional love. In addition, Hansen raised enough money from generous donors to provide Mr. Blue’s new forever friend with a dog kennel, food, veterinarian care, training, food and water bowls and much more.