West Jordan Elementary Class Plants Herbs, Veggies Using Tower Garden

West Jordan Elementary students plant Tower GardenSpring is traditionally the planting season for farmers, and this is no different for students in Julie Feyereisen’s second grade class at West Jordan Elementary as they recently planted produce utilizing their classroom Tower Garden.

A Tower Garden is a pillar that stands approximately 6-feet tall that uses lights and hydroponic technology to grow plants indoors. Instead of dirt, the Tower Garden uses rockwool, which is a growing media made of basalt rock and chalk.

Students are planting herbs, lettuce and other veggies. As a teaching tool, the Tower Garden is a clean and practical way to show students that growing food is easy. It can also be used in science, language arts and math lessons.

In approximately six weeks, Mrs. Feyereisen’s class will celebrate their successful growing by holding a ‘Harvest Party’. At that time, students will have a chance to sample the nutritional foods they have had a chance to watch grow before their very eyes.

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