All JSD High School Seniors to Receive Copy of U.S. Constitution

Constitution coverThanks to TV personality Stan Ellsworth of the ‘American Ride’ television show, every high school senior in Jordan School District will receive his or her own pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Ellsworth is a former high school history teacher originally from Salt Lake City who has a love for motorcycles and patriotism. On his show seen on BYU-TV, he travels the nation on his motorcycle, visiting historic sites. The program features profiles of inspirational figures and stories from U.S. history, showcasing Mr. Ellsworth’s deep love and appreciation for America. He also is establishing a new program, ‘Expressions of Liberty’, which gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding, opinions and feelings concerning the founding of the American nation.

Learning about the U.S. Constitution is so important, so thank you to Mr. Ellsworth for his kind donation to our high school seniors.