Heartland Elementary Gets an ‘Olympic’ Pep Talk For SAGE Testing

Paralympian Jeff Griffin visits Heartland ElementaryDoing your best in everything you do was the theme for students at Heartland Elementary School, as they get ready for SAGE testing.

Inspiring each other, students cheered during the opening ceremony of the SAGE Olympics, as students finish up final preparations to take these very important assessment tests.

Special guest speaker Jeff Griffin spoke to students about achieving their best and doing the impossible. After a heartbreaking accident in college that paralyzed him, Mr. Griffin went on to become a member of the 2004 U.S. Paralympic wheelchair basketball team, competing in Athens, Greece. He has also competed as a part of the ‘Wheelin Jazz’ basketball team and was the #1 ranked wheelchair tennis player in the state of Utah.

Students and teachers alike were in awe of Mr. Griffin’s accomplishments and were equally impressed when he showed that the impossible is possible, by getting out of his wheelchair and walking. His remarkable story truly epitomizes the motto Desire, Dream, Do.

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