District and State Crisis Counseling Teams Available at Herriman High School

In light of recent events, we wanted to make the community aware of the following resources available at Herriman High School for anyone in the District.

  • Crisis counselors from Jordan School District are available at Herriman High School for anyone who may need them today and tomorrow.
  • The Utah State Board of Education Student Assistance Support Team will also be available at the school.
  • Additional crisis counseling support teams from the State Department of Health will be at the school from 1 – 4 p.m. as well.
  • You may come to the school any time to use these services. A phone number has been established at Herriman High School for those who may want to schedule time with a counselor or psychologist. Call 801-567-8532.
  • Please be aware of resources available for reporting concerns about someone in crisis and about suicide prevention, even when school is not in session.
  • The Jordan Family Education Center provides free counseling services to students of all ages and adults in Jordan School District. They can be contacted at 801-565-7442.
  • Please take a look at support service resources for students and their families on our Comprehensive School Counseling Program site.
  • The SafeUT Smartphone App for Android and iOS is a free and confidential way to report issues of school violence, bullying or concerns about someone in crisis. We encourage you to learn more on the University of Utah’s SafeUT site. The reports will go directly to administrators and counselors who can respond during and after school hours and on weekends.
  • The Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition has valuable information for families regarding suicide prevention, warning signs to watch for and reporting advice.
  • The State Board of Education offers resources, through the Utah Education Network website.