FUN FACT FRIDAY: District Receives State ‘Air Quality Ally’ Award

Staff Accepting Air Quality Ally AwardJordan School District has the largest fleet of CNG school buses in the State of Utah and that is having a big impact on air quality and the battle against bad air and pollution.

The District’s transition to CNG school buses is drawing statewide attention. The Salt Lake County Health Department has presented Jordan with the first-ever ‘Air Quality Ally’ award. It is an opportunity to recognize people and entities in the community making specific, tangible efforts to improve air quality in Salt Lake County. Mayor Ben McAdams was on hand to present the award to Transportation Director Herb Jensen and Board of Education President Janice Voorhies and Board member Marilyn Richards.

The District owns a total of 111 CNG buses, which emit 40 to 86% less particulate matter into the air compared to old diesel buses. And the fuel savings are huge. After a .50 cent federal rebate on every gallon of natural gas used in our CNG buses, there are times we pay nothing to fuel a CNG bus. That’s because compressed natural gas is just .50 cents to $1.00 a gallon.