Kindness is the ‘Greatest Show’ at Foothills Elementary

At Foothills Elementary, the ‘Greatest Show’ is showing kindness. And that has been demonstrated all year at the school. Students were treated to a fun-filled kickoff assembly featuring Principal Cherie Wilson as the “ringmaster” of the show.

An awesome upbeat video was shown with Mrs. Wilson leading the student council into the assembly. Then in a separate video, each grade level was featured demonstrating acts of kindness that can be displayed every day at the school.

Students are conducting acts of kindness throughout the school community as well, and being inclusive on the playground, in the halls and in the lunchroom. They are also trading ‘kindness buttons’ when observing acts of kindness at school.

The kindness assembly also featured a pep talk from well-known community member Bruce Butcher from Smith’s Marketplace who helped kids get into the spirit of kindness week by telling stories about how important kindness is to everyone and how kindness can go a long way.

You have to watch this fun video that started off the assembly and enjoy our photo gallery on Facebook.