West Jordan High Photographers and Artists Team Up to Create Art Featuring Terra Linda Students

Group picture of West Jordan High StudentsWest Jordan High School photography and art students brightened the day of some Terra Linda Elementary School students by showcasing their artistic talents.

West Jordan photography students recently took pictures from select classes at Terra Linda. The elementary students were also interviewed about their likes and interests. Then, West Jordan art students took the still photos and created unique individual portraits featuring the Terra Linda students along with imagery that correlated with their interests.

Every portrait was then delivered at an impromptu assembly at Terra Linda with the high school students and elementary students meeting up and getting one final photo of artist and subject, and the collaborative work of art. The project really showcased the talents of the photographers and artists, plus gave all the students a way to learn about each other.

We are proud of the West Jordan High students for using their talents to make a big difference in the lives of the Terra Linda Elementary students.

Enjoy a photo gallery on Facebook.