Superintendent to Display Amazing Student Artwork

Superintendent with Charissa ClarkThere are many creative and talented student artists throughout Jordan School District and often their works are one-of-a-kind and thought provoking pieces.

That was the case with a piece of art that caught the attention of Superintendent Patrice Johnson at a recent high school art show in the District. Dr. Johnson was so impressed by a multi-medium work of art created by West Jordan High’s Charissa Clark, the Superintendent decided to purchase it so it could be on display in her office for everyone to see.

The artwork is called “Visions” and according to the artist it “projects the difference in viewing the world through imagination instead of simple reality.” Charissa used a variety of textile materials in the piece. For example, the girl and planet Jupiter were made using yarn, the moon was done in colored pencil, the mountains are pieces of colored paper and the grass made from magazine pages.

Congratulations, Charissa. We look forward to seeing more amazing artwork from you in the future.