Students Fast Track to Bright Futures Thanks to Special Program at JATC North

They are devoted to improving and saving lives, that’s just one reason why students study biotechnology at JATC North. It is a class that allows high school students to fast track their careers through a state initiative called the Medical Innovations Pathways Program. This pathway offers specialized courses and practical work experience to help students develop the skills needed by Utah’s most elite medical device and laboratory testing companies.

This year eight JATC North students completed the pathway and completed job shadows with local biotechnology companies, Sorenson Labs, Edwards Life Sciences and Nelson Labs.

Congratulations to Braylin Wandtke, Riley Kiny, Caleb Nokes, Brittney Chen, Lucas Perez, Emma Raguskus, Katy Smith Gish and Maggie Spencer.

These amazing students graduated with a Medical Innovations Pathways (MIP) certificate and now qualify for entry-level positions at industry partner organizations in Utah.