Fort Herriman Students Go the Extra Mile In Kindness

Students putting paper chain together.Students at Fort Herriman Middle School are doing small acts of kindness that are making a big difference in and outside of school. As part of the school’s “Choose Kind” challenge they are creating a mile of kindness. Every time someone does or says something kind, they write it on a strip of paper that becomes a link in a paper chain that will be a mile long. When the mile-long paper chain is finished, it will represent 20,160 acts of kindness on the part of Fort Herriman students.

These acts of kindness include helping a teacher, holding the door for someone, writing sincere notes, paying someone a compliment, helping out at home or picking up trash in the community.

This Choose Kind challenge is a monthly challenge that students will complete throughout the year to feel more connected and kind to their peers and the school.

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