Oquirrh Elementary Students Help Kids in Kenya Attend School

Picture of principal with Kenyan warriorIt was a service project that turned into a lesson about life for children halfway around the world. Students in the 4th, 5th and 6th grade at Oquirrh Elementary School have been working hard to help children who attend the Tenkes Primary School in Kenya. You see, in order to attend school, the Kenyan students must bring their own pencils which isn’t always possible for some families. So, Oquirrh students collected more than 800 pencils to send to Kenya hoping to help kids there attend school and get an education. The Oquirrh students went a step further and wrote encouraging messages on each pencil as well.

A member of the Kenya tribe where the children go to school came to Oquirrh to collect the pencils with plans to personally deliver them in the next few weeks. The tribe member, a Maasai warrior, promised to send the Oquirrh students pictures of his pencil delivery. He also shared a few facts about life for students in Kenya.

  • The students are required to bring their own firewood each day if they want to eat lunch at school.
  • People in the village help build the students’ desks and four students sit at each one.
  • At school about 300 have to share two latrines.

It was a great way for the Oquirrh students to learn about a different culture and do something kind for kids in another country.