Students Share Technology Talents During ‘Hour of Code’

Picture of Hour of CodeHigh school students in Melinda Mansouri’s JATC Web & Game Development classes took their knowledge on the road to celebrate ‘Computer Science Education Week.’

They did it by getting younger students involved in the ‘Hour of Code,’ which is a global movement to reach children in more than 180 countries through a one-hour introduction into computer science and programming.

Children in the JATC South Head Start Preschool program were treated to the ‘Hour of Code’ lessons, along with students at Eastlake Elementary School. They learned how to code in many different teaching strategies – on Chromebooks using the SCRATCH program and they created fun games. Students acted out coding words through movement and did virtual reality with VR glasses.

Thanks to Mrs. Mansouri and her talented students for sharing their knowledge in a fun and engaging hour teaching others about computer science and programming.