Eastlake Students Hold Fabric Drive in Effort To Help Refugees in Utah

Students with FabricThey wanted to do something to make a difference in the lives of refugees living in Utah who have survived the trauma of war and torture in other countries. So, with the help of their teachers, 5th grade students at Eastlake Elementary partnered with the Utah Health and Human Rights organization, putting together a fabric drive. The goal was to gather 200 yards of fabric to support a refugee sewing and knitting group. It is a group made up of elderly refugees who meet on a regular bases to learn a new skill. Recently they have been learning how to knit and are beginning to make their own pillowcases and clothing. The goal of the group is to help the refuges become more self-sufficient.

The fifth-graders took their fabric drive seriously doing extra chores at home, babysitting, basically raising money in a variety of ways to purchase new fabric. In the end, they exceeded their goal by collecting 250 yards! It is fabric that will help to better the lives and sewing skills of refugees living in Utah.

Congratulations 5th grade team on a job well done!