Bingham High Student Entrepreneur Competes in U of U State Finals

Hridhay Suresh and the Parallel appHe is a talented young teen entrepreneur and now Hridhay Suresh is asking for the public’s help to win a prestigious statewide competition and some of the $30,000 in cash and prizes that go along with it. The competition is the University of Utah High School Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Bingham High senior Hridhay Suresh made it to the final round of competition with an app he created called “Parallel.” It is a crowd-sourced parking app that connects land-owning individuals and businesses with motorists who need temporary parking in the city. The goal is to increase parking efficiency, lower the cost of parking and reduce stress among drivers.

Bingham is competing with high schools throughout the State in this final round of competition, which involves an online popular vote.

Vote for Bingham’s startup app “Parallel,” by going to the HSUEC Best Idea voting page.

Best of luck to our Bingham entrepreneur, Hridhay Suresh!