Free Health & Wellness Courses

Health & Wellness Flyer
Jordan School District & NAMI Utah are offering free health and wellness courses.

Basics: A FREE Course Designed for Parents & Caregivers of Teens with Mental Health Conditions
Thursdays from April 4th-May 16th, 6:00-8:30 pm at Elk Ridge Middle
Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed by your teen’s mental health condition? Do you blame yourself? You are not alone. One in five teens experience mental illness. Parents and caregivers often lack the knowledge and education to navigate a loved one’s mental health condition. You are invited to a FREE six-week course where you will gain an understanding of mental illness and the role it plays in behavioral difficulties, as well as the role families can play in the treatment process. This course is taught by parents of individuals who first experienced emotional or behavioral difficulties as youth.

Progression: A FREE course designed for teens with mental health conditions
Thursdays from April 4th- May 16th, 6:00-8:30 pm at Elk Ridge Middle | For teens 13-18
Do you worry about your teenager’s mental health? Do they feel alone and isolated? One in five people experience mental health conditions – many are teens. Your teen is invited to a FREE six-week course about mental illness that is designed just for them. They’ll learn about the causes, symptoms, treatment, recovery, and tips for leading a full, enriching life. Classes are taught through readings, group discussions, phone apps, art projects, videos, music, and more.

For either class, Pre-registration is Required.
For more information contact Marjorie at 385-246-5931 or