Fun Fact Friday: Custodians and Maintenance Crews Working Non-Stop in Winter Weather Conditions

Custodian salting sidewalksIn the challenging winter weather conditions we are experiencing this year involving snow, sleet, ice and frigid temperatures, District crews work around the clock to keep our buildings open, students and employees safe and buses running.

On the District’s snow day alone, custodial and maintenance crews worked non-stop, logging more than 500 hours shoveling, clearing sidewalks, parking lots and pathways to schools. In some cases even principals pitched in to help.

Here are some other fun winter weather facts:

  • More than 4,500 bags of ice melt have been used on sidewalks so far this year.
  • About 445 tons of bulk road salt has been used on driveways and in parking lots at our schools and buildings.
  • When the snow falls seven District employees go out nightly, throughout the night, driving from one end of the District to another to assess the condition of roadways and determine if they are safe for buses to travel and transport students.
  • District alarm response crews work throughout the night checking schools to make sure there are no frozen pipes.
  • Dozens of snowplows work throughout the night to clear school parking lots and driveways.
  • Transportation crews and bus drivers arrive at 4 a.m. to make sure buses are running and ready to transport students.
  • Computerized engine heaters are being used on a number of buses. These heaters reduce idling time and the amount of diesel fuel needed which in turn reduces fuel costs and pollution.

Thanks to our dedicated employees for keeping the District, the size of a small city, safely operating in challenging winter weather. In addition, we appreciate the support of our patrons as we work to keep everyone safe.