FUN FACT FRIDAY: Jordan Education Foundation Makes Surprise Stops to Award “Outstanding Educators of the Year!”

Picture celebrating Outstanding Educators of the YearThe Jordan Education Foundation, members of the Board of Education and Superintendent Johnson brought laughter, tears and many memorable moments as they made surprise stops at school after school recognizing 19 teachers and one principal with the JEF “Outstanding Educator of the Year,” awards.

The Foundation gave each recipient a $1,000 cash prize and an invitation to a special dinner to honor educators.

Here is a list of the 2019 JEF “Outstanding Educators of the Year.”

  • Joshua Brothers, Copper Hills High School
  • Erin Clelland, Sunset Ridge Middle School
  • Emma Cisneros, Fort Herriman Middle School
  • Melissa Lowry, Foothills Elementary School
  • Bego Rodriquez, Herriman Elementary School
  • Carol Ramsay, Silver Crest Elementary School
  • Michelle Poteki, Rose Creek Elementary School
  • Eric Noyes, South Hills Middle School
  • Natalie Smith, Kauri Sue Hamilton School
  • Mary Garcia, Southland Elementary School
  • Mallory Morrill, South Jordan Elementary School
  • Jennifer Robinson, Eastlake Elementary School
  • Haley McCall, Welby Elementary School
  • Anthony Martinez, Terra Linda Elementary School
  • Katlyn Jarvis, Columbia Elementary School
  • Andrea Breitling, Westland Elementary School
  • Melinda Fatani, Valley High School
  • Ronna Hoffman, Riverside Elementary School
  • Candice Pedersen, Riverton Elementary School

Congratulations to our amazing educators!