Fun Fact Friday: School Guidance Counselors Are a Great Resource for Students and Parents

Jordan School District Counselors play an important role in our schools, offering guidance to students in a wide variety of ways. These dedicated professionals are also available to provide parents with resources to help guide their children in academics along with student mental and social wellbeing in and outside of school.

Right now 80 counselors work hard every day in schools throughout the District, additional counselors will be hired this year. Each counselor is required to have a master’s degree in school counseling which is focused on mental health and academic advising. Counselors care about students and want to be advocates for them.

We encourage parents and guardians to schedule an appointment and get to know their student’s counselor. Together counselors and parents can help develop plans and strategies for students to succeed long after they leave Jordan School District.

To learn more about the work of school guidance counselors – WATCH THIS VIDEO.