Bingham and Herriman High Students Roll Out the Welcome Mat for Butterfield Canyon Elementary Students

IHigh school students welcoming Butterfield Canyon Elementary students to schoolt was a post spring break return to school like no other for Butterfield Canyon Elementary School students. They were greeted with signs, positive messages, smiles and high fives as they arrived at school. It was thanks, in part, to a group of Bingham and Herriman High students who are members of the Golden Gate Club. The Bingham and Herriman students along with club members from Paradigm, Orem and Farmington High Schools came to Butterfield Canyon as part of the school’s “Welcome Day.” Their warm welcome brought big smiles to the faces of students, teachers, staff and parents. Even local police and firefighters pitched in to welcome the elementary school students back. The high school students then took time visiting classrooms sharing a message of kindness and the ripple effect one kind act can have each and every day.

Thanks to everyone who participated in “Welcome Day,” for rolling out such a warm welcome and sharing a great message of kindness, love and support.