Bingham High Students Plant Seeds of Kindness for Elementary Students

Students from Bingham High standing in the greenhouse. Some students in Rene’ Bair’s class at Bingham High School took a science and biology lesson to a new level, one that is spreading kindness and caring among elementary school students in the District. The class designed their own experiments using different vegetable, herb and flower seeds they then planted in the school’s greenhouse. When the plants started to grow, the students boxed them up in order to share the fruits of their labor with some elementary school children in need.

The plants were distributed to three elementary schools where they were given to children. The plants came with a personal letter from Rene’ Bair’s science students telling the children how to nurture and grow the vegetables, once the children got them home. The hope is the plants will provide fresh vegetables to families in need and inspire students to grow a love for gardening at home.