Jordan Education Foundation Brings Community Together to Honor Outstanding Educators and Students

Winners of Jordan Education Foundation's awards take a group photo. It was a night to remember for some amazing educators and students in Jordan School District as the Jordan Education Foundation, business leaders and members of the community came together to honor them.

Outstanding Educator of the Year awards were given to 18 teachers and one principal, recognizing the hard work and dedication of the deserving recipients.

Scholarships were also awarded to six students who have shown great strength, character and commitment to education and finding a path to graduation despite some challenging roadblocks along the way.

Congratulations to the following scholarship winners and Outstanding Educators of the Year.

  • Savanna Suess, Bingham High School
  • Mechelle Rodriguez, Copper Hills High School
  • Kyle Gabrielsen, Herriman High School
  • Taevian Carson, Riverton High School
  • Jonah Burton, Valley High School
  • Alex Luna, West Jordan High School

Outstanding Educators of the Year

  • Joshua Brothers, Copper Hills High School
  • Erin Clelland, Sunset Ridge Middle School
  • Emma Cisneros, Fort Herriman Middle School
  • Melissa Lowry, Foothills Elementary School
  • Bego Rodriquez, Herriman Elementary School
  • Carol Ramsay, Silver Crest Elementary School
  • Michelle Poteki, Rose Creek Elementary School
  • Eric Noyes, South Hills Middle School
  • Natalie Smith, Kauri Sue Hamilton School
  • Mary Garcia, Southland Elementary School
  • Mallory Morrill, South Jordan Elementary School
  • Jennifer Robinson, Eastlake Elementary School
  • Haley McCall, Welby Elementary School
  • Anthony Martinez, Terra Linda Elementary School
  • Katlyn Jarvis, Columbia Elementary School
  • Andrea Breitling, Westland Elementary School
  • Melinda Fatani, Valley High School
  • Candice Pedersen, Riverton Elementary School
  • Ronna Hoffman, Riverside Elementary School