Warm Protective Ponchos Are Gift From The Heart for Kauri Sue Hamilton Students

Students holding ponchosIt was a labor of love for some Copper Hills High students as they used their sewing skills to make ponchos for students at the Kauri Sue Hamilton School.

Julie Gambles’ Apparel Design and Production II class used their talents to create the functional, much-needed ponchos to help protect Kauri Sue Hamilton students from rain, sleet and snow when they are outside, traveling from home to school and back home again.

Sometimes the Kauri Sue students can’t wear coats when they are outside, so the ponchos are easy to slip on and then off when they get to school

Some of the Copper Hills High students sewed personal messages into the ponchos like ‘Made With Love,’ and ‘Always Be Happy.’

Thanks to everyone involved in this wonderful poncho project including Hilda Lloyd with Jordan School District’s Educational Support Services.