Bingham High Students Big Winners at International Science and Engineering Fair

Two Bingham High students hold up their awards. Two Bingham High School students are in the international spotlight after winning at one of the most prestigious science events in the world competing against the brightest scientific young minds from as far away as Malaysia, China, Peru and every corner of the globe.

Alicia Kuhlmann and Samantha Davis took first place at the International Science and Engineering Fair in the category ‘Humanitarian Assistance’ They also took third place in the Grand Award category of ‘Mechanical Engineering.’

The awards are for a project the students have been working on for two years titled “A Continued Study of a More Realistic Solution to Refugee Housing Using the Isoperimetric Honeycomb Conjecture.” Simply put, Alicia and Samantha invented a type of dome housing to help refugees in third world countries – it is housing that is expandable and can be moved from one location to another depending on the need. The dome housing can also withstand 75 to 80 mph winds. The students now have an opportunity to patent their invention.

Alicia and Samantha also won top honors in the State of Utah, which earned them scholarships to BYU and Westminster College.

Congratulations to both Alicia and Samantha, two bright young minds using real science to make a difference in the world.